Life Cover

Don’t let a personal tragedy become a financial tragedy.

To many people Life Insurance is something they are going to get around to sometime. But we also think that tomorrow will be the same as today, and while that may be true for many, things do happen ‘out of the blue’. And so having some appropriate backup gives peace of mind to those close to us, so that if things do go wrong then ‘we will get through this’. We don’t hesitate to insure our car, our house, our contents etc. But our Life is so much more valuable, it’s what provides all those other things. Life insurance is very important, for your family’s future, for your business future.


What sort of Insurance do I need?

I can help tailor cover to suit your circumstances. You can pay level or stepped premiums, you can have lump sum cover, or cover that pays out a guaranteed income (inflation adjusted) for a fixed number of years.


In your later years you can have reducing cover, to help contain your costs while meeting your changing future needs.

How much will I need?



Everyone is different. Our job is to help you determine the most appropriate level of cover for your needs and within your budget. Sums assured will be determined by your age, the size of your mortgage or future mortgage, the size and age of your family and other factors.


You are very valuable to those who depend on you. Without you, only a large sum of money invested will replace your ability to provide for your family long term.


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