Trauma & TPD

Get financial support to help you through disease or disablement.

Trauma or disablement is more common than a fatal disease or accident, during the normal period of a working life. Having a level of backup if things don’t go as planned is good and prudent financial planning. Trauma/Disablement cover added to your life insurance can increase your chance of a claim from just one event to over 40 events.

Trauma cover

Trauma cover pays out a lump sum if you suffer any of 40+ defined major traumas such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Paraplegia, Kidney Failure etc.


We all know of someone who has had cancer, a heart attack etc. Were their lives turned upside down by extra costs? How did they manage with the disruption to their household income? A lump sum won’t stop the event happening but it can ease the downstream financial effects and enable you to focus on getting better.

TPD - Total & Permanent Disablement

Disablement cover is not limited to 40+ conditions but is based on your total and permanent inability to ever again work in the field you were engaged in prior to your disability. So it is more focussed on the nature of your work than the nature of the condition.


If you had a mortgage and a stroke or major accident stopped you from ever working, wouldn’t a lump sum for your mortgage to be paid off be just the thing to enable you to stay in your own home?

An example list of covered major traumas